ASEA Competitions!

Tooth Pick Competition

ASEA Annual Toothpick Design Competition:
Saturday March 7th 2020 at 8:00 AM.
a. Location: Citrus College, Competition to be judged at noon
b. Winners to be announced at 2020 Student Award Banquet



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Toothpick Design Competition

Sixth Amber Haack Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition

Essay Prompt

“What does architecture and engineering mean to you right now? How
do you see sustainability and technology influencing the future of
engineering and architecture? What is your vision for the future of these
two disciplines?”

a. Essay due day Friday March 13th 2020

email essays to
b. The best eight to ten essays will be selected with those finalist
students invited to be interviewed and to compete
c. Finalist Interview on Postponed Until Further Notice



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Amber Haack Memorial Essay Competition

ASEA Design Competition

Students will enter the ASEA design competition with their most recent
Semester/Quarter design project that is/was within the school’s class
The dates for the initial submission and the presentation are the following:

Open Call Design Competition Criteria:
Digital presentation to be sent to ASEA on or before Canceled Upload PDF Files Only to the following link: 2019-2020 ASEA Design Competition. Once in the link, right click and create a Folder, name the Folder with your Name and School and drop your pdf files in.
Verbal presentations to the ASEA Board is Canceled

Design Competition Criteria to be announced soon!

Architecture Design and Augmented Reality

Architects have used augmented reality (AR) to help them design and develop ideas in a number of ways. AR can be used as a visual design tool, allowing architects to experiment with different viewpoints and help them decide which design elements work best in a space. Additionally, AR can offer realistic simulations of the design,…

Future Forward: Korey White

Korey White, an AIA-certified architect, is committed to building equitable and inclusive communities. As a planning discipline leader and K-12 national planning leader at DLR Group, she uses a multidisciplinary approach to achieve positive outcomes for her clients and the surrounding community. Korey’s leadership in the field of architecture has been recognized through her position…

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