Board of Directors – Tommy Reyes

Tommy Reyes

ASEA Board President

Fullerton College Architectural Professor

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Tommy Reyes has worked to create a life balance that incorporates what he considers the three pillars of health, “mind, body, and soul”. As an educator, Tommy loves to teach multiple subjects; Architecture, Engineering, and Mathematics. Engaging with students and helping them get into a career is one of his many passions.

Tommy grew up around Los Angeles. He moved around quite a bit and has seen more than his average share of schools from moving more frequently than most. Growing up around Southern California he was privy to many cultures. Tommy loves exploring different cultures, understanding different beliefs, and especially different cuisines!

Shortly after graduating from La Mirada High School, Tommy decided to join the military. The United States Air Force is where he served honorably. The decision to serve his country essentially helped him get from the mindset of a high school student and into the focused mindset of an adult man. Though his career was short lived, Tommy felt that if he had to do it all over again, he’d make the same decision to join. The experiences he had, along with the military brothers and sisters he’s gained, are life long connections he would never want to part with.

After his career in the USAF, Tommy jumped from job to job until he landed a position at Specialty Restaurants Corporation (SRC). He started out as construction admin support and worked his way up to architectural CAD draftsman. Tommy worked with a famous restaurateur, David C. Tallichet CEO, who he considered a great mentor. Tommy worked for almost a decade in the company. During his tenure at SRC, Tommy went back to school to study architecture at Fullerton College. Everything was going well until the economic collapse of 2009. Tommy lost his job, house, dog, and grandfather in that order. Through his resilience and determination, shortly after graduation Tommy secured an adjunct teaching position at Fullerton College.

Fullerton College is where Tommy graduated from and started working during the Great Recession. It was a struggle to make ends meet and continue his education, however, Tommy prevailed. Through the guidance of one of his greatest mentor, David Thomas EdD., he went back to school to pursue his bachelors and masters degrees in Industrial Technology at California State University of Los Angeles. It is with this education he hopes to continue to make and impact in the Fullerton College Architecture Department and grow the program he himself went through. This is his story as of now, the best has yet to come!

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