Board of Directors – Andre Hendra

Andre Hendra

ASEA Marketing Manager

Independent Professional Designer

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ndre Hendra comes from Jakarta, Indonesia and is a professional artist/ designer specialized in the
commercial, education, and entertainment industries. As a designer he always pays attention to the
aesthetics of a product and focuses on the needs of his client, companies he has worked for and the needs
of his surround environment. His motto is “simple, creative, and versatility”. He completed his studies in
other countries such as: Germany, Malaysia and California, United States.

With experience working in Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, he has been involved with
various commercial projects and marketing for Japanese products. Many of his design and artwork have
been published online from 2011 to 2016. Since 2018, he moved to California, has completed his studies
at Fullerton College and Art Center of Pasadena Extension and is actively working in the entertainment
industry, focusing on motion pictures and the architecture industry.

With all the knowledge he received at Fullerton College, he found a mentorship with 2 veteran Walt Disney
Artists, Michael Spooner (senior environment designer for feature animation) and Tao Nguyen
(character/content designer for feature animation) and he has had an opportunity to learn a variety of
areas at Fullerton College starting from Digital Art Entertainment Art department, Theater design, Interior
design, and Architecture design. Due to his academic performance, he received a scholarship from 2018
to 2020 from Fullerton College, a scholarship from Art Center of Pasadena Extension (ACX,) and was
selected for Fullerton College student honor society. After graduating in 2021, he has recently been
accepted into the Art Director Guild – Local 800 program for production design initiative 2021 for
Entertainment field under Film, Television, Commercial.

While focusing his career in the entertainment world, he devoted himself to joining ASEA LA as a
Marketing manager focused on ASEA LA activities to serve the community, advance the education
standard for many colleges and the architecture department focused on students who would enter the
Andre is seeking to advanced his career inside industry and is ready to give back to the community.

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