Architecture Design and Augmented Reality

Architects have used augmented reality (AR) to help them design and develop ideas in a number of ways. AR can be used as a visual design tool, allowing architects to experiment with different viewpoints and help them decide which design elements work best in a space. Additionally, AR can offer realistic simulations of the design,Continue reading “Architecture Design and Augmented Reality”

Future Forward: Korey White

Korey White, an AIA-certified architect, is committed to building equitable and inclusive communities. As a planning discipline leader and K-12 national planning leader at DLR Group, she uses a multidisciplinary approach to achieve positive outcomes for her clients and the surrounding community. Korey’s leadership in the field of architecture has been recognized through her positionContinue reading “Future Forward: Korey White”

New School of Architecture

New School of Architecture has an event coming up on July 29th with two sessions for prospective students! “NewSchool Transfer Day  2021” *Students can RSVP here:

Essay Competition

On March 13, 2020 we received 5 essays and on behalf of ASEA Board I would like to express our appreciation for participating. Due to coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic on March 17th ASEA Board decided to cancel all ASEA students’ events & meetings for the remaining 2019-20 school year, which includes essay competition evaluation and interview. We areContinue reading “Essay Competition”