Architecture Design and Augmented Reality

Architects have used augmented reality (AR) to help them design and develop ideas in a number of ways. AR can be used as a visual design tool, allowing architects to experiment with different viewpoints and help them decide which design elements work best in a space.

Additionally, AR can offer realistic simulations of the design, helping to visualize what a space could look like after it’s finished, and allowing architects to experiment with elements like space, light, and textures and determine how those elements work together. Furthermore, AR can be used to help elevate collaborative design efforts by allowing multiple parties to visualize and interact with a design at the same time, thus driving better decision-making.

Lastly, AR can help architects to better explore materials and determine how certain material choices would impact the overall design. Ultimately, AR is proving to be a useful tool for architects to experiment with, evaluate, and finalize their designs.

Augmented Reality and Brick Laying


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