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The American Society of Engineers and Architects (ASEA) was founded in 1964 by Amber Lois Haack, as a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the interaction of all disciplines of engineering, architecture and the allied arts. 

During the past fifty-seven years, ASEA has sponsored chapters for young people in seventeen community colleges and four high schools in the Southern California area. 

The ASEA faciliates funding for student programs, scholarships, field trips, lectures, competitions, summer jobs and coordinates educational and social events. 

Each year the Society has an Award Banquet where the ASEA presents certificates and monetary scholarships to winners of design competitions offered during the school year as well as our Annual Scholarship Competition. 

Since its inception in 1964 more than 6,700 community college and high school students in the Los Angeles area have benefited by the educational programs and scholarships offered through ASEA. 


We help students define a clear sense of design identity that will carry them through their professional careers.


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From developing relationships with professionals to first hand knowledge and practical training, ASEA provides various resources for students that last a lifetime!


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April 02, 2021 Part III Series:

“Restoration Architecture: A Glimpse of Multifamily Residential Restoration” – Stephanie Toro

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